Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cheesy avocado egg breakfast burrito

I love the combination of egg, cheese, and tomato on a hot breakfast sandwich. I was craving quesodillas the other night so I went out and bought some whole wheat tortillas. What I came up this morning was delicious, healthy, and super simple to make.

Easy guacamole 
1 avocado
1/2 lime
pinch of salt to taste
handful of grape tomatoes

Ingredients (for 2 burritos)
3 eggs
shredded cheese
2 tortillas
1 chicken apple sausage (costco)

I diced the tomatoes and mixed it together with the avocado, lime juice, and salt to make the guacamole. Next, I heated up my frying pan and slightly warmed the 2 tortillas up. After dicing the sausage, I added a bit of olive oil onto the pan and panfried the sausage bits until slightly brown. Crack eggs onto the pan and scramble. When the eggs are almost done, I separated it into two equal portions and sprinkled cheese on top. To assemble, scoop half of the eggs onto the tortilla and top it with half of the avocado mixture. Enjoy with ketchup and Tapatio.

Voila! Super easy, delicious, and nutritious! My mom's a pretty harsh critic and even she was wowed by these. She even gave me the biggest completment because she said my dad would love these (he's tougher critic than she is).

Let's get down to business...to defeat the BUNS!

I think it's finally time to tackle the one goal that has been on my every new year's resolution list for the past 10+ years...to lose weight! My boyfriend, Minh, said something last night that really motivated me to achieve this goal once and for all. He shared with me that it's been one of his life's goals to participate in a marathon. He's wants to start working out and getting in shape together. It's about time I practice what I preach...I'm always worried about our health so I should also take the steps to become healthier! After all, words are cheap!

I was able to lose 20 lbs during my college years. Unfortunately, over the past 2 years of working 12 hour night shifts, I've slowly gained back about 7-10 lbs. I do feel better about my body most days compared to when I was 20 lbs overweight. I suspect I feel this way because I have gained muscle and definition during the last 5+ years. Earlier this year, I was a lot more consistent with getting at least 3 workouts in a week. Lately, it's been more like 1 workout a week. I think it's ironic I slacked off during summer time when most people are trying to lose weight to fit into their bikinis. Anyhow, I am going to commit to at least 3 workouts a week now! It might have been the coffee I had at lunch but I had a great workout today to kick this off. I took bodypump and turbokickboxing. I freaking LOVE round 52! I had so much fun today :)

Diet wise, I started to eat healthier last week and I already feel a different in the way I feel and look. I feel that I am not retaining as much water and I have more energy. I looked in the mirror yesterday and my face looks less fluffy. Last week at Costco, I stocked up on small individual packages of hummus, grape tomatoes, and honey baked turkey. Hummus is soooo delicious with veggies. I've been packing the tomatoes, carrots, and whole grain cheezits to  eat with the hummus, so yum! I've also recently tried silk vanilla soy milk with cereal, also very tasty. After watching Minh pack lunch yesterday, I'm more inspired now to pack healthier but tasty lunches. He made fried rice with sausage, mushrooms, and onions which was very good. I've learned that if I pack more legit salads, I will probably enjoy eating them more. I'm not a salad person unless it's prepackage from Trader Joe's but I'll give it a try!

Cue the motivational music ;)